Grumpy Paddy

 Grumpy Paddy


Who is Grumpy Paddy?

Well, I’m an opinionated, ordinary Irishman who doesn’t care what anyone else does as long as they don’t try pushing it on me.

Everything I write is my views; if you don’t like them, move on. The reason I decided to go down the website route was I had some spare server space and I recently was in hospital on the critical list and the team trying to save my life thought that I was a goner. I must have subconsciously heard someone say that and the stubborn bastard that I am decided that we are all going to die but not today.

It also gave me a bit of a different perspective on life. I’m not invincible, I need to eat and exercise properly and when the same thing hits you over and over again and you don’t go to the doctor then it’s your tough shit if you wake up in an adult nappy and a pipe up you prick with enough shit stuck into, clamped onto or stuck on to make you look like Robocop when he was getting built.

It also meant that I was bored, had spare resources and really had none to have a normal day with. So Grumpy Paddy was born so I could sound off about anything and everything so that at least I would have one less thing to mess with my blood pressure.

If you agree or disagree with then that’s up to your self. 

Leave a comment or don’t.

Either way, thanks for visiting and have a nice day.